Sports department of  L.T College of Nursing, SNDT Women’s University has following objectives:


  • To provide an environment for physical development of the students.
  • To provide opportunity to the students to showcase their talent in sports field.
  • To promote sportsmanship among students by organizing various sports activities.


The sports activity for the year started with the Annual Orientation Program by University Sports Department which was conducted by Miss Beena Pandye , incharge of Department of physical education, SNDT WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY on 18th July, 2019.

Senior Intercollegiate table tennis, yoga , chess , Carrom, elocution and badminton tournament were conducted by SNDT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCB COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AT CHURCHGATE ON  29th and 30th August,2019. 7 students from our college participated . Miss VIDYA JAKHERE and Miss SHAMBHAVI PATIL from 3rd year Bsc Nursing got selected for Top 15 chess tournament .

Senior Intercollegiate Basketball,  Kabaddi tournament and Quiz competition was conducted  at Nashik on 17th, 18th and  19th September, 2019 . 20 students participated for the same.

Senior Intercollegiate badminton, athletic meet and elocution were held on 27th ,28th and 29th September 2019 at Kolhapur . 6 students participated from our college. Miss Giliya Katharin won 2nd prize in 200 mts Running.

The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) conducted events such as 100 mts running, 4×100 mts relay, potato race and discuss throw which was held on 8th January,2020 . 4 students participated for these events at Mahalaxmi.

Ms. Minakshi Brahmane from 2nd year Bsc nursing participated for RUN FOR VIVEKANAND UNDER FIT INDIA CAMPAIGN on 12th January,2020 which was held at Juhu beach.

The Annual sports day was conducted on 17th January, 2020 at SNDT WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY, JUHU SPORTS GROUND. The competition held were 100 mts race, 200 mts race, spoon and marble race, skipping race, shot put, discuss throw, 3- legged race, relay, musical chair and tug of war.  All the students, teaching and non teaching faculty enthusiastically participated in all the events.

A minithon road race was held at Juhu campus which was conducted by department of physical education SNDT Women’s University on 9th February, 2020. 5 students from our college participated for the same.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2020 “ YOGA FOR YOUNG MINDS” was celebrated on 21st June, 2020. A program was organized in collaboration with the renowned Yoga institute “Kaivalyadhama”. The students celebrated this day with zeal by watching live sessions based on the yoga training in the kaivalyadhama’s YouTube channel from 11th to 20th June, 2020. 110 students attended the same.

Two days online workshop on Athlete, team and sports management was conducted by students of NASM on 18th and 19th August 2020. The workshop was held by Sir Atul Panicker. 120 students attended the same.

29th August, 2020 was celebrated as National Sports Day. The students of LT college of Nursing attended Online workshop on “ career opportunities in sports science, Physical Education and Fitness Industry- A Path Less Travelled”. It was organized by department of physical education SNDT Women’s University in collaboration with Khelrang FSSA. 80 students attended the same.

On 3rd October, 2020 webinar was conducted at 5pm based on insights of sports event management by Sir Aadarsh Yadav and Heer Bhatia. In which various ways of handling a group of people and steps to be taken into consideration were taught. 70 Students of LT college of Nursing attended the webinar.