Environmental Day Celebration: TREE PLANTATION

            On the 13th of July, The students of LT College of Nursing, supported by the NSS Unit celebrated the World Environment Day. To add colour to the day all the students along with the teachers were given a green dress code. The students celebrated this day with zeal by putting up slogans in their class like ‘Reuse, Refuse, Recycle’ on their notice boards explaining the importance of reusing articles, refusing them if they cannot be reused and recycling articles instead of throwing them away.

            As it is rightly said, ‘Live for Today, Plant for Tomorrow’ it emphasises that if we need a good future tomorrow we should plant trees today. The NSS Executive Committee participated in a tree plantation drive around the Churchgate Campus. The students under the supervision and guidance of the NSS Coordinator Mrs. Kamal Padave and Mrs. Arpana Patil planted the saplings of Hibiscus, Neem and Aloe Vera in the Churchgate campus garden. The students enthusiastically participated in the celebration of the Environment Day.

Environment Day Celebration 2018-19


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